Christiane Sixtus

About Me

As a freelance translator with a university degree (Diplom-Übersetzerin) I have extensive experience in translating specialised texts.

I was born in 1971. I received my diploma in September 2000 from the Cologne University of Applied Sciences after I completed my translation studies in English, French and Dutch with a focus on technical translations. Additionally, I spent a semester abroad at the University of Limerick, Ireland in 1998/99.

From November 2001 to February 2002 I completed an internship at the EU office in Cologne (office of the mayor), where I translated general and specialised texts from English and French into German and proofread them. These texts included technical texts (remediation of site contamination, environment and traffic) and business texts (speeches, correspondence, newsletters, press releases).

Since then I have carried out numerous translation projects from English, French and Dutch into German, in some cases on a full-time basis and sometimes parallel to full-time employment.

I am a member of the following professional associations:

I regularly attend training programs given by the BDÜ and ATICOM (German associations of professional translators and interpreters).

Since I am very interested in writing and languages, my work as a translator represents the ideal combination for me. I find it enjoyable to find the German translation of a foreign-language text, thereby building bridges between different nations. During my school years I was already translating the lyrics of pop songs and advertising slogans, just for fun.