Christiane Sixtus


Several factors are significant for determining the price of a translation:

  • length of the text and language combination
  • level of difficulty and research necessary
  • time frame

Therefore quoting a lump sum price would be unprofessional and not very helpful to either side.

Please send me the text you want translated and/or corrected and I will be happy to give you an individual and non-binding cost estimate.

In the case of copy editing jobs I require the original text as well as the translation. Naturally, the price for such work is lower, as the translation work has already been done by someone else.

The following services are not included in my portfolio:

  • Translations in the following fields: law, finances, medicine
  • Interpreting

Note: A translation is a written text from one language in another. Interpreters translate verbally, from one language to another.

I would be happy to refer you to colleagues of mine if you should require translations from German into English, French and Dutch.